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2013       BFA, Savannah College of Art and Design
2008       Tarrant County Community College


2017      Mythos, Wells & Verne, Portland, OR
2014      Bacchanalia, Adsum Studio, Seattle, WA


2016      Flora & Fauna, Splendorporium, Portland, OR

2015      Zodiac, Splendorporium, Portland, OR
              Nude, Splendorporium, Portland, OR
2014      Supernatural, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, WA
              BALE FIRE: Of Ribbon and Boar, POND Gallery, Portland, OR
              Art Showcase, Cascade Gallery, Portland, OR
              First Thursday Open Studio, Goldsmith Blocks, Portland, OR
              Printmaking & Photography, Splendorporium, Portland, OR
2013      Monster Mash, Good: A Gallery, Portland, OR
              IN/EX, Ashmore Gallery, Savannah, GA
              Painting Senior Showcase, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah GA
              DeFINE Art, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA
              Open Studio Night, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA  
2012      Just Dandy, Site-Specific Installation in Paris Market, Savannah, GA
              This is Not a Demo: Printmaking Exhibition, House 412 Gallery, Savannah, GA
              Open Studio Night, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA
              CelebrateILLUSTRATION!, Morris Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA
              These Friends: A Culmination of Our Collective Consciousness, Desotorow Gallery, Savannah, GA
              Scape Exhibition, EYA Gallery, Burmingham, AL
2011      Horror Show, Butcher Gallery, Savannah, GA
              Taste II Art Event, Meddin Studios, Savannah, GA
              Fight The Spill!, Crites Performance Hall, Savannah, GA
              The In-Between, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.;
                   Gutstein Gallery, Savannah, GA; ACA Gallery, Atlanta, GA.

2017      Schweda, Brendan. The Order of the Days, "Tuesday", Book, pg. 14.
2014      MortalCrow. "My Beliefs", Humanistic Paganism, Digital Article.
2013      Grossman, Pam. 2013/14, Phantasmaphile, Digital Article.
2011      Doll, Mary Aswell. The More of Myth, Book, pg. 11
2010      Kim, JuYeon. “The In-Between”, The In-Between, Catalogue, pg. 9.



​2015      Private Collector, New Orleans, LA

2014      Private Collector, Seattle, WA

2012      Savannah College of Art and Design, Hong Kong
              Private Collector, Baltimore, MD
              Private Collector, Savannah, GA
              Kennel Hall, Savannah, GA

2011      Kevin Emery Productions, Savannah, GA
              Private Collector, Savannah, GA

              Private Collector, Jersey City, NJ

2010      Private Collector, Fort Worth, TX
              Private Collector, Lubbock, TX

2009      Private Collector, Fort Worth, TX

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